PTO meeting – Jan 27

Present: A. Noble, L. Wonderlich, D. Spengler, A. Williamson, R. Slavish, K. Fry

Book fair will be Feb 24-28. Family night will be Feb 25 with the theme being “community service”  We have registered on the website to qualify for the Disney tickets.  We are waiting to hear back to see if our family night event will qualify as a community service event.

The next Elevate night will be Feb 9th from 6-8 p.m.  This one will be a School Club event (Matherville, Winola, Sherrard)  Flyers will go home later this week.

Spirit wear will be offered in the spring.

Chick-fil-A does a restaurant night fundraiser.  Debbie will check into this and get more information.

Next meeting has not been set.


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PTO Meeting – Dec 2

Present: D. Spengler, K. Fry, A. Noble

Spirit Wear – There will not be an order prior to Christmas this year.  There will be a spring order instead.  If someone is looking to purchase now, there is a very limited supply from past orders.  Otherwise, the Booster Club at the high school will have much more in stock to choose from.

Elevate night – This went very well.  We had 101 jumpers.  We would like to do another one in February.  We will contact Elevate to set this up.

Playground – Debbie stated that she heard there was a school in Bettendorf that is closing.  She contacted them to see what they plan to do with their playground equipment.  We “might” be able to have some or all of it.  Nothing firm yet.

Marquee – We would like to have a marquee out in front of our building.  They were priced running around $17,000 for an L.E.D.  The changeable 2-sided one runs around $8,000.  This is a bit higher than we thought.  It was decided that we would fundraise for 2 Clevertouch boards for the classrooms.  They run around $3,000 each.

A School Club meeting will be set for January to discuss the next Color Run.

Next PTO meeting – not set at this time.


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Sherrard Elementary Elevate Night

Don’t forget to turn in your permission slips for the Sherrard Elementary Elevate Fun Night this Sunday.


PTO Meeting October 30

Present: D. Spengler, A. Williamson, J. Swanson, K. Fry

Elevate fundraiser night is Nov. 17th. The flyer will be sent home on Nov. 4th.

The concession stand at Family Night earned $124 for the PTO.  Konnie and Debbie still need to be paid back for purchases.

The Pizza Hut fundraiser night brought in $53.67.  We had 16 tickets turned in so we got 10% of the sales.  We needed to have 25 tickets or more to get 20%.

The student directory will be done this year by Danielle Gorbach.

Total sales were $10,040 from the fall fundraiser (cookie dough and pies).  Profit was $4,523.  Some will go to Operation Santa and some to Children’s Fund.  Pick up will be on Nov. 19th.

Jackie is working on spirit wear.  Orders will go out before Thanksgiving and be back before Christmas.

Coca-Cola brand caps:  Students at the high school are saving plastic bottles as a fundraiser and will save all the caps for us.  The profit from the caps goes to School Club.  Coca-Cola products are sold at the concession stand during all home games at the high school.  These are being thrown away right now.  Hopefully, this will increase the number being turned in.

Next meeting is set for December 2nd at 5:30.


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Pizza Hut Fundraiser Night


PTO meeting Sep 9

Date: September 9, 2019

Present: D. Spengler, A. Williamson, K. Hollins, D. Gorbach, A. Noble, B. Slavish

Pizza Hut night will be September 30th at the Orion location.  People can dine in or carry out any time that day from 11-9.  They must show the flyer (paper or digital) for the PTO to get credit.  A flyer will be created and sent home.  We will also pass out copies during the homecoming parade.

The Elevate jump night fundraiser will be November 17th from 6-8.  Jumpers may arrive no sooner than 5:45.  Every jumper is $15.  A flyer will be created and sent home for people to register.  We must have at least 100 jumpers to get 20%.  Elevate will not honor other discounts during the fundraiser.  Each jumper must have a signed waiver and will receive a pair of socks.  Food will be available for purchase.

The carnival games and prizes are taking up a lot of space in the shed and not being used.  It was decided that the prizes will be donated to the PBIS bucket.  The games will be stored at the Gorbach home in their barn.

Sherrard Schools have switched to Coca-cola products and are selling them at all of the games.  Since we collect Coca-cola caps, we will see if we can get a bin to set out during the games to collect them.  These caps are being thrown away and we would like to take advantage of this opportunity.

Book Fair is Sep 30 – Oct 4.  Family night is Oct 1st.  Book fair will be held in the empty room across from the gym.  Days and times will remain the same as last year.  Volunteers will be needed to help out during the week.

Next meeting is October 21st at 6:00.




PTO meeting

The PTO held the first meeting of the new school year on Monday night.

We will have a PTO booth set up at backpack night, so stop by for a cookie!  We will be adding some new events this year – A restaurant night at Pizza Hut and a jump night at Elevate Trampoline Park!! Watch for details to come home.  As always, we would love for you to join us at our meetings.  The next meeting is September 9th at 6 p.m. in the library.



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